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Another blog, the 2011 winner of the best blog in Iraq, share more Iraqi stories.

Iraqi streets blog , is a blog independently run by three young men, and began as an idea to build a free space of expression, and to give people a chance to express their views, and to establish an active and influential dialogues between the various spectra of the people, a dialogue based on mutual respect between all participating parties, regardless of the size of differences in views of our belief ,so peace-building, freedom of thought and expression, starts from here
How did the idea of a blog started?
The idea of the blog , begins in a small corner of an office in the city of Baghdad, with the vision of creating a space for free expression as a platform for all opinions, regardless whether they disagreed or agreed with each other, the objectives of the blog is that all discussions to be based on respect, and every one to stay away insulting words , and the hateful sectarianism thoughts
since the opening of the blog nearly a year, started with three young men, they have the ambition to live in a world full of assurance and security, joy and happiness, they started in this thought and the support of friends from abroad and at home.
Campaigns and lobbying

Iraqi streets participated in many campaigns , including:

1. Campaign to collect signatures in support of electronic civil society organizations, NGOs to participate in the preparation of a draft NGO law in Iraq, with the cooperation with the youth in the Middle East and the network of academic life line of human security.
2. Campaign to prevent the censorship of publications and the Internet in Iraq, after some comments from the Iraqi government, to impose strict censorship on publications and the Internet in Iraq, and because of its negative impact on curbing freedom of expression, the circulation of books.
3. Solidarity campaign to defend freedom of expression in Iraq, to defend freedom of expression, after allegations that one of the journalists working in an Iraqi newspaper, wrote a bold talk about the relationship between officials on the incident of robbery of banks, where the dimensions of work.
4. A campaign to save the remaining victims, a call to clean up pollutants remains from the Iraq war and to help war victims who were exposed to these pollutants.
5. Voted to save the people of Basra, a catastrophe of genocide, as predictions of a humanitarian disaster in Basra, one of Iraq’s provinces, as families began moving from south of Basra because of the drought and salinity occurring in the province, and the low level of water.
6. Campaign we are asking for education … for everyone, the campaign was organized by a group of Iraqi students who were expelled from collages cause they fall last semesters , demanding to return to school, to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .
7. Appeal by the Coalition for National Salvation for return of migrant scientists and to unite and keep the specter of non-sectarian Iraq.
8. Campaign protect the city council … Campaign to collect signatures and an appeal launched by the Association to stop the future plan by the Cabinet of Baghdad city to distribute plots of land on the banks of the Tigris river to privet ownerships , the general managers of the blog cooperated with the Association in the collection of signatures on the ground, with a total of 5430 signatures until a signature mid-November 2009, to enact a law obliging the government to invest in land, such as how to resolve the housing crisis through a national campaign to build residential complexes on the vertical.

Relations of the blog
Iraqi streets has a network of resources to promote our posts through several sites such as
1. Twitter
2. Face book
3. CNN Report
4. youth in the Middle East – Arabic and English version
5. Hi 5
6. Iraqi Bloggers Directory
7. 5100 subscribed email ,from bloggers from Iraqis and Arabs, and agencies inside Iraq and Arab world and aboard , and civil society organizations, intellectuals in all jurisdictions.
8. Flickr
9. You Tube
10. Sites and a variety of other forums.

Also had posts in the coverage of some of the activities and events that occur in Baghdad and outside Baghdad.

Sections of the blog
1. The story of the case and to appeal to
A special section to collect stories of health and humanitarian, and posting on the site and the participants, for their support and was the first case, is the status of Iraqi children Ahmed Farouk, after the circular story, we contacted more than one of civil society organizations, organizations concerned with health, were ready to help the child, After perusal of the condition in full.
2. Signed with us now
A special section displays the campaigns and supports.
A special section of the passage of the allocation of the name and password to subscribers and those who follow the blog in expanding the circle of participation in the freedom of opinion, the blog to establish a system to give each participant and knows us by a special name and password for publishing his articles directly, which became able to edit and publish by himself!.
The articles
Articles in Arabic – 107 article.
Articles in English – 85 article .
Number of comments: More than 120 comments.
Monthly average number of visitors: 220 visitors.

Blog Iraqi streets objectives:

• Building an effective dialogue and effective based on mutual respect between the various segments of society.
• Organize campaigns to mobilize and pressure continues to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.
• networking with other blogs, to share experiences.
• awareness of spreading the concepts and principles of humanity and peace and accept the other, and a culture of tolerance and dialogue, and to reject extremism and intolerance, organized a variety of activities, sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations and cultural festivals and artistic and sports.



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