Talented Youth



Provide aid for Talented young men and women to achieve their private projects to become role-models that will establish an institute for the aspiring young Iraqies, To establish and build a new generation; a generation that will take the lead towards a better future

Main Objective

The main objective of the program is to provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences for young men who has the talent to achieve something that inspire younger people in the non formal education sector. The program aims at increasing understanding of the different dimensions of Sustainable Development (ecological, social cultural and economical) and the educational responses needed. The training program has a rights perspective including issues such as human and child rights, democracy, equity and poverty reduction.

Second Objective

The program is intended for young talented decision makers, planners, specialists, trainers and managers involved in formulation and implementation at all levels beyond the formal education system and all aspects of life such as Music, Art, Sport, Writing and technology in return to provide all the aid possible to those young Iraqi to achieve their own projects that can make them an inspirational models to youngest who will receive their after school education, to demonstrate their experience in life and to motivate youngster to do so.

The program seeks to provide assistance to youth to develop and implement projects that will contribute to sustainable urbanization in the developing world. Young persons in the age group of 4 and 15 years will receive education from those who will benefit from their own projects, they even donate percentage of the financial profit for the institute; Persons above the age of 40 years can still take part in the projects demonstrating adult-youth partnerships. Involvement of girls and young women in decision-making at all levels of the organization is another important criterion.

Reason of the Program

For the past thirty years, we have believed that the middle east started to lack the talents over the years, and what left from talents since the 80’s , we lost the great achievements of those who were suppressed, killed or migrated by force whether it is for their religion, ethnicity and other differences

The education began to sear, and people became afraid of sending their kids to school, and even schools can no longer provide the appropriate education, add to that the percentage who live in poverty and inadequate  financial resources to afford higher education for their children with lack of sustainable motivating opportunities in the area caused by the war and the corrupted system, with losing faith in the elders who can no longer aid in building the new generation.

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