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Why Don’t We Learn This In School ?

In our schools we learned a lot of things, many are so important, but we learned few about life, some say we get it in experience, some say we will learn it by time, and life is still a head of us.

Well, why dont we learn about life, because school is about Learning and Education.

Here are some of the thing that I wished we learned in school.

1. First, give value. Then, get value. Not the other way around.

This is a bit of a counter-intuitive thing. There is often an idea that someone should give us something or do something for us before we give back. The problem is just that a lot of people think that way. And so far less than possible is given either way.

If you want to increase the value you receive (money, love, kindness, opportunities etc.) you have to increase the value you give. Because over time you pretty much get what you give. It would perhaps be nice to get something for nothing. But that seldom happens.

2. Be proactive. Not reactive.

This one ties into the last point. If everyone is reactive then very little will get done. You could sit and wait and hope for someone else to do something. And that happens pretty often, but it can take a lot of time before it happens.

A more useful and beneficial way is to be proactive, to simply be the one to take the first practical action and get the ball rolling. This not only saves you a lot of waiting, but is also more pleasurable since you feel like you have the power over your life. Instead of feeling like you are run by a bunch of random outside forces.

3. Mistakes and failures are good.

When you are young you just try things and fail until you learn. As you grow a bit older, you learn from – for example – school to not make mistakes. And you try less and less things.

This may cause you to stop being proactive and to fall into a habit of being reactive, of waiting for someone else to do something. I mean, what if you actually tried something and failed? Perhaps people would laugh at you?

Perhaps they would. But when you experience that you soon realize that it is seldom the end of the world. And a lot of the time people don’t care that much. They have their own challenges and lives to worry about.

And success in life often comes from not giving up despite mistakes and failure. It comes from being persistent.

When you first learn to ride your bike you may fall over and over. Bruise a knee and cry a bit. But you get up, brush yourself off and get on the saddle again. And eventually you learn how to ride a bike. If you can just reconnect to your 5 year old self and do things that way – instead of giving up after a try/failure or two as grown-ups often do – you would probably experience a lot more interesting things, learn valuable lessons and have quite a bit more success.

4. Don’t beat yourself up.

Why do people give up after just few mistakes or failures? Well, I think one big reason is because they beat themselves up way too much. But it’s a kinda pointless habit. It only creates additional and unnecessary pain inside you and wastes your precious time. It’s best to try to drop this habit as much as you can.

5. Gratitude is a simple way to make yourself feel happy.

Sure, I was probably told that I should be grateful. Perhaps because it was the right thing to do or just something I should do. But if someone had said that feeling grateful about things for minute or two is a great way to turn a negative mood into a happy one I would probably have practised gratitude more. It is also a good tool for keeping your attitude up and focusing on the right things. And to make other people happy. Which tends to make you even happier, since emotions are contagious.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others.

The ego wants to compare. It wants to find reasons for you to feel good about yourself (“I’ve got a new bike!”). But by doing that it also becomes very hard to not compare yourself to others who have more than you (“Oh no, Bill has bought an even nicer bike!”). And so you don’t feel so good about yourself once again. If you compare yourself to others you let the world around control how you feel about yourself. It always becomes a rollercoaster of emotions.

A more useful way is to compare yourself to yourself. To look at how far you have come, what you have accomplished and how you have grown. It may not sound like that much fun but in the long run it brings a lot more inner stillness, personal power and positive feelings.

7. Don’t take things too seriously.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in things. But most of the things you worry about never come into reality. And what may seem like a big problem right now you may not even remember in three years.

Taking yourself, your thoughts and your emotions too seriously often just seems to lead to more unnecessary suffering. So relax a little more

8. Write everything down.

Many of your good or great ideas may be lost forever if you don’t make a habit of writing things down. This is also a good way to keep your focus on what you want.

9. Life is full of disappointments 

If you are raised in a way where you know that this don’t last forever, friends come and go, thing lost and found, world is always in the state of war, then we know that it is going to be difficult, that makes us believe more in our selves and live for good expectation knowing things may go wrong, in that we can know the limitation of what we can do, but in the same time we always knew that falling is a good thing as mentioned above. this way we won’t surrender because we already knew the reality that our family and school kept hidden.

10. Life is a symmetry 

If you think that living your life and you are happy, rich, satisfied and everything is going perfect, then one day everything start to fall apart, know that wasn’t all your mistake, you may be done everything right, but caring less about people who are sad, poor, suffering and nothing is good going for them, it has to react on you, so knowing that we all have to live in almost similar way, in the future it won’t reflect on your life, so don’t say: “I am good, why should I care?”, well because life is a symmetry.


To make classes more fun


Well, we all know how classes are boring, and most of us don’t know what’s going on.

We spent most of the time trying to understand why and how, but our teachers tell us not to ask any questions and just do it the way it is.

It’s easy Watch the Videos and you will see it’s Educational, Entertaining and Easy.

The History Of English Language In Ten Minutes.

After Watching. How difficult is this? why can’t we use this at least with difficult materials, anyone who can draw, we can make new way to teach our curriculum in an exciting way.