It all started when two young talented men tried to make their dreams come true, but they faced the reality that no one any longer believe in raw talent. one of them, wants to publish a book, the other want to make and exhibition to his paintings and drawing.

So they wrote a proposal to many people to provide them help, no one even listened. they wanted to contact talented men of their age to stand together and try to make people hear their voices and listen to their ideas, and above all to achieve their dreams in life.

They decided to make  the change they needed,  to create the opportunity for people to achieve their own dreams, and prevent those dreams from crashing down into reality.

We need every voice. we need every second of your unused time, we need you to stop complaining,  we need you to take a step towards creating this change. Together we will help; together we will work for one higher intention: To make a Change.


Support !

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