A Tribute To Babel

Today the sons of Mesopotamia paid tribute to Hammurabi and NebuchadnezzarII under the blessing of Anu, Enlil and Ea.

They rode together from Baghdad to Kadingirra, those who are eager to rejoice to their great history, came and saw just remnants of what was covered of the ancient city with dirt, and what left to be abused by rulers, time has left its mark, those who are so eager have stood in awe and despair.


They were breathing the fresh air, but their mind was mesmerized by ancient odor of the hanging gardens that no longer exist, , as the sun was warm but the river send it breeze to cool the hearts that what was before can be reappear once more.

Babylon now is just a place that people could say that there used to be a great kingdom before but so little of it proves it does.

Everything is underground, why not just tell all the archeologist in the world to start bringing what was lost to become the new lament as it used to beckons in antiquates.



We have no clue.

All we know it might take a century to do so, and so much money to make it possible, and who can pay such money, only those who sit on the chair filling their fat bullies with money, they think that they are great, to be great is to build not to destroy, so will be there more eager people to go visit, as we have understood that there is no much who cares about this ancient city

How can prove to Marduk that we still worship him? How can  we prove to Innana that we will bring the masses to walk under her blue decorated gate? Can we prove that we deserve this heritage?

Let’s help each other to make this place great once more !



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