That should have been my speech, but I didn’t participate ! because hypocrisy was the element of surprise that crippled me. 


I will ask a rhetorical question “Why am I here?”

 Am I here to make a change?  Aren’t we all? But how can we change? Are we just going to call for a new metaphor for change, but the means are the same? I believe I have heard enough about why we need to make a change, I think I want hear about how to make a change, I have an idea, that I believe will be a method for a change, an Idea, that calls not for a change, but it shows change in many different dimensions, if we can show unity for once, and we all delete our blogs and we all become blogger in one huge blog that targets all our followers, and more, and make a newspapers or a magazine to aim for those who still don’t know the effect of a blog.

But, what are we going to write about? It doesn’t matter, what matters is how are we going to write, we should start a new method of targeting people, because saying the obvious, or just transfer the news is not our job. We are bloggers, we are not Journalists, we have to tell the news or the idea with a pragmatic analysis concerning the earned  lesson from the certain occasion, adding to it the flavor  of our humorous or skeptical or practical method of writing to the transcription, this new way I am proposing could be right or wrong, but I believe if you keep telling me, I will forget, but if you get me involved I will understand.

People know the facts, the news and the plot, and the people know the beginning and the ending for our articles because it is the same, following the old same method, based on the same boring storytelling for well-known information, that words no longer has that mass effect of human ears, words lost the echo for human awareness, and if you think I am wrong, look at us, Everything is backward, lawyers destroy Justice, schools destroy education, government destroy freedom, media change facts.

Let us build a place where we help each other change the news, to stories filled with political, social, educational and practical lessons, because one voice will reach the neighbors that refuse to listen, it is futile, while voice of a crowd in unison and harmony can bring out the whole neighborhood, and If you still think that the old methods are right, and new ideas and achievements are wrong, then the lesson we learned from history, that we never learn any of history lessons. Because it doesn’t matter how many of us calling for obvious unheard demands, what matters is to know how to use our voices.  

Because the greatest novels in history are not the ones with great story lines, the greatest stories are the well written stories. And all of this nonsense we heard through history about if you make a change the whole world change, while you think you changed, the only way to change and lead it, is by breaking the limitations and look at things differently, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain” Maya Angelou, that means we have to stop calling for electricity, democracy, freedom of speech, peace or other daily demands that we read every day in the news or we watch it on TV. We are not journalist, we are bloggers. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must be created.


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