God Is In The Rain

This Article was written by the 2011 best Iraqi blogger, who writes articles in the best blog of 2011, Wameeth Al-kassab, on http://www.iraqistreets.com/ about a 26 years old Iraqi engineer who wrote a book in English.

The original article : http://www.iraqistreets.com/archives/4421

As an Iraqi activist I receive many emails from people over the world how want to help Iraqi people to have a better future, especially young Iraqi youth, we usually try to get help for the sick and most in need to help them to survive, but not every one in Iraq is suffering from material need, sometimes many people need an moral support, need to feel that their work is appreciated, that their dreams can be true if they had faith in them, Iraqi do not need only medical supplies and water bottles and blankets for the refugees, we will not build or nation with guns and angry politicians.

We need painters, musicians, writers; we need people to have dreams and faith in the possibility of it coming true…

My friend Mohamed Amer had a dream , his dream was no to tell the story of his country, but to tell the world that his country is still have good sons, who can rise from the middle of war and death, to tell the world good stories, he always tried to help others who he believed got the talent to stand by their side and help of building new generation, so this young Iraqi youth decide to use his ability of writing to make one step to achieve his dream and he wrote a book, the book title is God Is In The Rain, is a story about an old man who tells stories to children in a fantasy and realistic way to grab their attention , a story a bout an amazing journey into the worlds philosophy about life and religion, romance and war.

I advice you to read it, and to help this 26 years old Iraqi engineer who lived most of his life in Iraq, waiting that someone, finally, hear all the talented youth calling, so how you can help him ??

Well you can buy his book, which is available on Amazon.com and Lulu.com ,,, and you can spread the word, share the link for this article and help other who like to support Iraqi youth to find a chance to do so.

Believe me in the end you will read an amazing story and feel good for helping g to induce change for Iraq future

This is link to the writer book and blog page


This is link to the book on Amazon


This is link to the book in Lulu


So far we have to stories, hope to find more in the future.


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